i-Blason Smart Watch Cases for Apple Watch (2 New Styles)

i-Blason Smart Watch Cases for Apple Watch (2 New Styles)

i-Blason is on top when it comes to the wide array of case colors offered for Apple’s Smart Watch as a watch accessory. This brand is expected to release 2 different types of models, a simple snap-on TPU case and a Rugged Case with matching strap bands. Each style will have five color variations to choose from, more than their current competitors on the market.

i-BLASON Snap-on Case (5 pack)

Add some protection to your expensive Apple Watch with a flexible and resilient TPU high-grade material snap-on case by i-Blason. The snap-on case was designed to protect the face and back of your iWatch from any sort of bumps and scratches. You’ll still be able to easily turn the digital crown, swipe and touch the face, and have complete access to the pressure sensitive touchscreen. Check out the following list for some specifications and details:

 iBlason Snap On TPU case colors for Apple Watch
  • Resilient and flexible TPU construction
  • Protection from scratches and bumps
  • Designed to still allow full functionalities
  • Package includes 5 colors: Clear, Black, Pink, Green, Blue
  • Compatible for: 38mm or 42mm (Apple Watch 2015)
  • Extremely cheap price of $9.99!
When it comes to i-Blason’s Snap On Cases, don’t expect to have the best top of the line protection for your Apple Watch. For those that only need minimal protection and like having multiple options then you’re in the right place as there’s an assortment of flavors, if you will, to choose from for all your styles and moods throughout the week. Otherwise, continue reading and check out i-Blason’s Rugged Case for the Apple Watch.
You’ll receive 5 color options when you purchase this Apple Watch case pack from i-Blason all for just $9.99. They’re currently available for pre-order (in stock on May 15, 2015) at the time of writing this article so go pre-order if interested!

i-BLASON Rugged Protective Case (with Wristband)

A unique offering from i-BLASON is their “Rugged Protective Case with Wristband” line. The case features an all in one protective enclosure that is already attached to a matching colored wristband. This interesting one piece combination is constructed from sturdy materials that provide extra durability. i-Blason’s Rugged Case for Apple Watch was engineered to allow full access to watch features, digital crown and pressure sensitive touchscreen. Some other features and specifications include:
 Teal i-Blason Rugged Protective Case with Wrist Strap for Apple Watch! NEW!
  • All around rugged protection
  • Flexible and resilient material
  • 5 color options:  Green, Black, Red, White, Navy
  • Compatible with: 38mm or 42mm (Apple Watch)
This case and watch band combination was crafted for those looking for a simple one piece affordable solution for Apple’s Watch. For more serious and high end protection check out the other smart watch cases featured here. i-Blason’s Rugged Protective case with Wristband is already available to protect your iWatch.


Available for Order on Amazon starting at $12.97 (Black) to $18.97 (other colors) + $Free Shipping.
Available for order on i-BLASON’s website starting at $14.99 + $4.95 shipping for the 38mm and $19.99 for the 42mm.
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