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Best Apple Watch Bands / Straps List

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Welcome to the Ultimate Best Bands for Apple Watch List!

In-depth reviews of the best apple watch bands or straps would take way too long to read so we’ll go ahead and try our best to be clear and concise for the following best apple watch band reviews.

Every new breakthrough smart device appropriately opens doors for third party companies to start mass producing third party accessories for the latest gadget. In this case, the new Apple Watch is the glorified star of the party. It’s conveniently amazing that the Apple Watch Band is replaceable and interchangeable with third party bands and straps. Ultimately it promotes uniqueness especially since the Apple Watch band makes up about 75% of the complete Apple Watch device.

Third party bands and companies especially those that are backed up by Kickstarter have proven and generated spectacular demand for custom Apple Watch band configurations. There’s even third party companies that focuses on Apple Watch strap adapters that creates a seamless solution to interchange standard 22mm regular watch bands to be compatible with the Apple Watch. It’s pretty amazing to see such a large variety of custom Apple Watch bands already available and still going strong. Most iWatch bands 3rd party offerings can be found on Amazon and eBay which is great.

Various Types of Apple Watch Straps

  • Leather Loop
  • Sport Band (High-performance fluoroelastomer)
  • Milanese Loop
  • Classic Buckle
  • Modern Buckle
  • Link Bracelet

Nowadays, one might say that it’s not about having the best Apple Watch band but rather having the most unique Apple Watch 3rd party band that defines who you are. The most unique custom Apple Watch band company so far is probably Casetify (listed below). Casetify is such a necessary custom band solution for Apple Watch and the customization method allows for endless possibilities and easily the most Apple Watch strap choices available!

Check out the latest new and custom best Apple Watch bands that are already available or will soon be available.

We have a couple additional lists with accessories for Apple Watch that you can also check out, such as the Best Apple Watch Stands or Docks and of course the Best Apple Watch Cases.

Don’t forget to take a gander at our other posts of the best third party apple watch bands. You’ll discover a more refined and in-depth review of the best metal Apple watch bands, the best leather Apple Watch bands, the best nylon Apple Watch bands, the best silicon Apple Watch bands, and more to come.

This best bands for iWatch list is definitely still a work in progress so be sure to stick around and subscribe for updates!

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