Best Screen Protectors for Apple Watch Available – Absolutely Necessary?

Best Screen Protectors for Apple Watch Available – Absolutely Necessary?

There’s no question about it that when it comes to our prized technological gadgets, such as our Apple Watch or soon to be Apple Watch, that we want to protect it from harm’s way. Protection for the screens on our smart devices have become a commonplace in our society. So it shouldn’t be a huge surprise that the same defense and protection for a smart watch screen protector be in popular demand.

Since the new Apple Watch stays strapped to your wrist all day while we’re performing daily or physical activities, it would be wise to invest in the best Apple Watch screen protectors. Having a thin clear barrier between your Apple Watch’s digital crown and the world will help fight against dust, dirt, grime, water and many other contaminants. That brings us to several Apple Watch screen protectors that have already been produced by companies that have long been in the screen defense game, such as IQ Shield, Armor Suit  and Skinomi, to just name a few.

Best Screen Protector Candidate #1:

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield – Screen Protector (with Body Skin)

Best Screen Protector Candidate: ArmorSuit Screen Protector with Body Skin for Apple Watch  Screen Defense


The ArmorSuit “Military Shield” Screen Protector for Apple Watch was specifically designed for ultimate screen defense. The thin protective film materials of that of military grade and also has a “self-healing” property for maximum protection for your smartwatch. Unlike other cheap screen protectors for the Apple Watch, this ArmorSuit slim shield extends to every angle of the screen providing complete screen protection. Some key notable details include:

  • Exceptional Clarity & UV protection to prevent yellowing.
  • Military grade protective film
  • Self-healing technology
  • Perfect cut for perfect fitment
  • Corrosion & moisture protection
  • Lifetime Replacement Warranty
  • 5 Different Bundle Options (w/ Carbon Fiber Skins)
  • Compatible for: 38mm and 42mm (Apple Watch)
  • Price: $6.95 – $11.95

What you’ll get: MilitaryShield film, Flexible squeegee, Spray bottle solution, Microfiber cloth, Installation instructions.

Having a very thin premium quality screen protector for your Apple Watch is definitely recommended to protect your highly valued smart watch. It’s a no-brainer to secure your Apple iWatch with a very affordable smart watch accessory. What’s also great is that ArmorSuit offers a “Lifetime Replacement Warranty” absolutely FREE OF CHARGE or any sort of mishaps, damages, installation flaws… you name it! That should provide all the reassurance and confidence you need to buy this wonderful Apple Watch screen protector from ArmorSuit.

ArmorSuit offers 5 different bundle options for each Apple Watch versions too! Check out the Apple Watch Screen Accessories here!

IQ Shield “LiQuidskin” 

Best Screen Protector Candidate:  IQ Shield Liquidskin for Apple iWatch 2015

The IQ Shield “LiQuidSkin” screen protector kit for the Apple Watch is creating quite a buzz on the internet for being the most viable screen protection option for the Apple Watch. They have LiquidSkin Smart film technology that allows an extremely smooth and frictionless film that offers invisible protection that creates an indistinguishable illusion of a seamless one piece. It’s nice to also know that the outer layer of the IQ Shield film features a waterproof coat to combat any moisture affects.Best Screen Protector Candidate:  IQ Shield liQuidSkin for Apple Watch 2015
  • “Frustration-Free” shield kit
  • Edge to Edge Coverage
  • True Anti-scratch Protection
  • Full HD Clarity
  • Bubble-free Application
  • Waterproof Techskin
  • Lifetime Replacement Warranty & 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Compatible for: 38mm and 42mm (Apple Watch 2015)
  • Price: $6.95
The Screen protector kit includes: IQ Shield proprietary screen protector, installation tray or solution, squeegee, lint-free cloth, and intuitive installation instructions.
IQ Shield has done a great job at marketing their smart watch screen protector accessory for the Apple Watch. Their  innovative technology reassures ultimate smart screen defense especially against liquids all while delivering true sense highly accurate and ultra-responsive pixel precision response to your fingertips! IQ Shield is working it’s way up to be one of the best screen protectors on the market so don’t overlook them. For full details and features, check out all the great reviews that has garnered a near 5 star average for this screen protector for Apple Watch!

Skinomi Tech Skin Premium HD [6 Pack]

Best Screen Protector Candidate: Skinomi TechSkin Apple iWatch Screen Protector 2015
Here we have the Skinomi TechSkin Premium HD Clear Film [6 Pack] screen protector for Apple Watch. A well established screen defense brand in the business, they’re proving to be one of the best screen protectors for smart devices such as the Apple Watch. Their laser cut custom fit design confidently assures maximum watch screen coverage, even on curved devices. Gone are the days where cheap screen protective films start yellowing due to their poor quality and their non-UV resistant properties. You won’t have to worry about dust, oil, smudges, or even water with the Skinomi installed on your smartwatch. Several highlights include:
Best Screen Protector Candidate: Skinomi TechSkin 6 pack for Apple Watch 2015 smart watch case
  • Self-healing military grade thermoplastic urethane.
  • High shock absorbance
  • Optically transparent, HD crystal clarity
  • 100% Risk-free Lifetime Replacement Warranty
  • Available for: 38mm and 42mm (Apple Watch)
  • Price: $6.95

This screen protector by Skinomi transcends the typical “static cling” PET screen protectors out there. It provides one of the best protection and does not take away from the true touch responsiveness of the new Apple Watch. You can expect a simple error-proof and bubble-free installation from Skinomi as well. Feel at ease knowing that you’ll receive 6 screen protectors and a Lifetime replacement deal! The Skinomi Screen Protector can be found on Amazon for both the 38mm and 42mm Sport Apple Watch editions.


Klear Kare Invisible Screen Shield Protector

Best Screen Protector Candidate:  Klear Kare Invisible Screen Shield Protector for Apple iWatch 2015
       The KlearKare Invisible Screen Shield Protector for Apple Watch is the the best screen protector for those that are balling on a budget. Lets face it, having some protection is better than no protection. For a cheap low price of $3.95 you’ll get six smudge free invisible screen films that should be sufficient for lightweight daily activities. Don’t be quick to let such a low affordable price fool because also offer the same features and protection for your Apple smart watch. Features such as:
Best Screen Protector Candidate:  Klear Kare Scratch Resistant Apple Watch screen protector
  • Patented Military Grade Scratch Protection Film
  • Custom cut for precise fitment
  • Thin fingerprint resistant film
  • Self healing nano technology
  • Lifetime Replacement Warranty
  • Available for: 38mm and 42mm (Apple Watch)
  • Price: $3.95 + $1.01 shipping
Includes: Pre-cut film, microfiber cloth, application card, application solution, and instructions.
So as you can see, all the features for this skin protector from Klear Kare pretty much coincide with those from the higher end more expensive screen protection solutions for the Apple Watch. Currently one of the top selling watch protector brands on Amazon. If you’re looking to have one of the best screen protectors for the most bang for your buck then this fits the criteria. Check out more details for Klear Kare Invisible Screen Shield Protector for Apple Watch 38mm and 42mm here.


Tech Gadget’s Apple Watch Screen Protector

Best Screen Protector Candidate:  Tech Gadget Apple iWatch Screen Protector 2015


Tech Gadget is another smaller brand that still makes a notable presence among the more popular Apple Watch screen protector big dogs like Kinomi and ArmorSuit. You should expect similar durability and ultra thinness from this smart watch film for your Apple Watch. Some customer review highlights note how clear and invisible the shield is and how the watch “hit a chain-link fence” and came out unscathed thanks to this quality screen protector. Unlike the other brands, this product focuses specifically on the Apple Watch and their near 5 star rating is attributed from solely Apple Watch fans. Get more info for the Tech Gadget Apple Watch screen protector for 38mm and the 42mm watch here and for only $5.99 it’s a steal!


Anoke Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Best Screen Protector Candidate:  Anoke Apple Watch Tempered Glass Screen Protector 2015 iWatch
Anoke has been providing excellent screen protection to smart devices for quite some time now and with the release of the new Apple Watch, it’s no exception to continue delivering their best quality screen protectors. Their screen protector for the Apple Watch is constructed with tempered glass that ignores and rejects incoming scratches. Tempered glass has superb external force absorption that allows great defense for your watch’s digital crown. You’ll get superior defense for your iWatch such as:
Best Screen Protector Candidate:  Anoke Screen Protector Film for Apple Watch
  • 9H (Hardness)
  • 2.5D Rounded Edges
  • 0.3 mm Thinness
  • Available for: 38mm and 42mm (Apple Watch)
  • Price: $6.99
The only downside for this particular smart watch screen protector is that they only have a 1 month replacement warranty. Another thing to consider is that they have admitted that the protector film can only cover the flat area of the screen leaving the curved edges of the Apple Watch exposed. Act quick because the stock for these Apple Watch screen protectors appear to limited for now! More details and info for the Anoke Tempered Glass Screen Protector can be found here.





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