Best Watch Case Contender: Spigen “Armor Series” presents 3 beautiful styles for the Apple Watch

Best Watch Case Contender: Spigen “Armor Series” presents 3 beautiful styles for the Apple Watch

Whether you’re an athletic thrill-seeker or simply just a normal average casual but yet active person, Spigen has you covered. Spigen’s new line of smart watch protection known as the “Armor Series” offers 3 different levels of protection for your Apple watch. Starting from the bottom, offering the least amount of protection in exchange for slimness elegance, is the “Slim Armor”. For those that require greater durability and a sportier appearance then consider the “Rugged Armor”. If all that ruggedness is not enough and you want the best all-around full protection then get down with the “Tough Armor” for absolute safeguard of your precious investment!

Spigen “Slim Armor”

Spigen Slim Armor - Armor Series Case for Apple Watch

Are you Interested in a lightweight less sportier look? If so then Spigen’s “Slim Armor” should meet your preference or requirements. Constructed from a softer TPU polycarbonate material, this slim smart watch case should provide more than enough protection for most. Other features include:
  • Full protection for button and peripherals
  • Flexible Digital Crown protector guard
  • Shock absorption
  • 3 color choices: Champagne Gold, Silver, White
  • Available for both 38mm and 42mm models.
This stylish slim option from the Armor Series by Spigen provides a precision perfect fit that provides sufficient protection all while preserving all of the Apple Watch’s functionalities and features. For those looking to stay flashy make sure you consider the Champagne Gold Slim Armor Case for your Apple watch! Pick yours up for only $19.99 on Amazon. See full specs and reviews.


Spigen “Rugged Armor”

Spigen "Rugged Armor" Case for Apple Watch
Spigen is one of the first companies to release a new line of Apple iWatch products. Here we have another offering from Spigen’s Armor Series (1 of 3) called the “Rugged Armor”. This watch case provides a rugged armor that ensures full protection from bumps and scratches from all of your daily activities. It also offers the following:

  • Metallic button which allows for tactile feedback.
  • Made from flexible TPU material providing complete protection and durability.
  • Excellent protection from drops and impact.
  • Compatible with:  38mm and 42mm (Apple iWatch 2015)
  • Includes 2 screen protectors.
  • Colors: Black and White 
  • Price: $14.99

This clean and solid iWatch case delivers the full package when it comes to protecting your Apple Watch in a minimalistic modern fashion. For more details you can check out Amazon to purchase Spigen’s “Rugged Armor” iWatch case for a low price of $14.99, and don’t forget to check out the rave reviews for this particular model!


Spigen “Tough Armor”

Spigen "Tough Armor" of the Armor Series Line for Apple iWatch
Ranking amongst one of the top Apple iWatch Cases to date is the Spigen “Tough Armor” iWatch case. The case consists of a 2 piece high quality hard plastic (coated metallic layer) and soft TPU  that snaps together to provide full protection for the iWatch. This Spigen iWatch case features the following:
  • Slim & bolstered design
  • Shock-resistant
  • Full-coverage screen protector to prevent damage from dirt, grease, and dust
  • Available in Champagne Gold, Gunmetal, and Tangerine Orange colorways
  • Compatible with: 38mm and 42mm (Apple Watch)
  • Price: $19.99
This Tough Armor iWatch case by Spigen can be purchased at an affordable price of $19.99 on Amazon. The case would be a perfect companion for an active and multi-tasking lifestyle so make sure you check it out! See Specs and Price.



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