Colorful Leather Bands for Apple Watch: What Color Suits You?

Colorful Leather Bands for Apple Watch: What Color Suits You?

Are you looking for a nice and affordable genuine leather bands for Apple Watch? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. Recently there has been an influx of colored bands for Apple Watch appearing from third party Apple Watch band suppliers. The color varieties that are offered are also strikingly impressive making it compatible with nearly any type of personality. The best thing about these colorful iWatch bands are that they’re surprisingly inexpensive compared to the other types of apple watch bands out there on the market.

wearlizer pink band for apple watch caseChoosing to sport a leather band for your Apple Watch is highly will undoubtedly add some nice comfort on your wrists and will likely make daily tasks less troublesome. If you currently use a metal strap for your Apple Watch then you already know about how annoying it could be when you’re using a laptop for example and how it could easily scratch it and other things of that nature (Yes, of course you could take off your iWatch but that’s not the point).

Yes, colorful watch straps for Apple Watch will surely draw attention so that’s one thing to consider. Luckily for leather watch straps it’s not as vibrant and flashy as it would be for metal bands. The colors for the leather iWatch bands are less apparent, you could say they’re more elegant and minimalist which can be ideal for nearly any situation. We recommend having multiple color options around to match different outfits.

Things to consider when purchasing your leather bands for Apple Watch:

  • Quality of Leather: determines water/sweat absorption and drying ability.
  • Genuine Leather: offers durability and long lasting.
  • Quality of Metal Buckle: A good metal stainless steel buckle is preferred.
  • Size Fitment: some leather bands are only made for 38mm or 42mm .
  • Customer Reviews & Ratings: Focus on the overall pros & cons.
  • Brand Reputation: Give newer brands a chance if price is reasonable.

customer review - wearlizer colorful leather bands for apple watch

All of the above points will ensure that you get the best leather band for Apple Watch. Having a premium and genuine leather band will guarantee extra comfort and will combat sweat and moisture buildup ensuring a longer service life. Even if leather is not your style, we still recommend that you get yourself one to give it a chance! If you’re a fitness and athletic person, you’ll find that the leather strap to be secure and easy on your wrist. With that said, leather bands for Apple Watch is an excellent strap replacement alternative for your smart watch gadget. Take a gander at the following colorful leather iWatch bands from Wearlizer and alternatives below:

Wearlizer leather bands for apple watch - colorful bands

Wearlizer: Genuine Leather Replacement Strap for Apple Watch

  • 8 Color Options: White, Red, Blue, Turquoise, Pink, Brown, Gray, Black
  • Compatible for all Apple Watch models 38mm and 42mm
  • 4 out of 5 star ratings
  • Very affordable and  ON SALE for just $18.99 … that’s 68% off the original price.

Now if you fancy a much more premium and sophisticated band for Apple Watch and have the cash flow to afford expensive accessories which you probably do since you have an Apple Watch then you must check out these exquisite leather bands for Apple Watch from Lucrin that will set you back $166.63! (ODD Price amount right?!)

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