Luvvitt Apple Watch Cases, Accessories & Bands will make her Dance!

Luvvitt Apple Watch Cases, Accessories & Bands will make her Dance!

Quality and consistency comes to mind when thinking of this third party Apple Watch Accessory company Luvvitt. They’ve been hitting the market strong and at swift pace that makes it difficult to overlook.  Turn down for what right? Since the release of the Apple Watch there has been an expansive collection of products from Luvvitt. They have pretty much every type of Apple Watch accessory that’s currently on the market… from their HD Ultra Clear Screen Protector to their Apple Watch Charging Stands, Stainless steel Adapters, Multi-color variant Apple Watch Cases and Bands–they got you covered. The best part of it all is that their products are quite affordable compared to their competitors. Luvvitt’s slogan “Wrap it before you tap it” basically infers that they hold protection as a priority.

LUVVITT Ultra Armor Case for 42mm Apple Watch

luvvitt ultra armor case for apple watch 42mm

A flexible and high performance protection case ensures ultimate protection and resistance from all types of drops, bumps, dirt and grime. It’s made from an exclusive fluoro-elastomer that is apparently the identical special material used for the original Apple Watch bands. Expect a glove-like fit that closely mimics the fine contours of the Apple Watch casing. The case exudes confidence especially since it’s backed up by their highly regarded support and warranty.

Get the LUVVITT Ultra Amor Case (42mm) for only $9.99 on Amazon … a mind-blowing 67% off! Won’t know how long it’ll be on Sale for.

LUVVITT Stainless Steel Milanese BIG Loop Band with Clasp

Luvvitt stainless steel milanese band for apple watch

Ah the infamous stainless steel Milanese band for the Apple Watch. This premium grade third party band by Luvvitt is a combo band that already comes with adapters assembled that allows for a super simple slide and swap mechanism. Adapters are reusable and are made from the highest grade materials. They are also compatible with the 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport & Edition models. You can never go wrong with a Milanese band in your Apple Watch band collection.

Get the Luvvitt stainless steel Milanese BIG Loop Band with Clasp on sale for $19.99 on Amazon (33% off).

LUVVITT Stainless Steel Adapter (Silver/Black)

Luvvitt stainless steel adapter for Apple Watch

Ideal for those that want to switch it up and express and more unique appearance and style. Luvvitt’s Stainless Steel Adapter will easily convert your old or favorite regular watch band (from a regular watch) to an Apple Watch compatible wrist band. The premium adapter comes in a set of 2 and is available for both 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch models in either Black or Silver, whichever you prefer. Expect an easy installation using a mini screwdriver that’s included for assembly.

Get your Luvvitt Stainless Steel Adapter here on sale for $14.99 (50% off list price).

LUVVITT Wooden Charging Stands:
Arc Wood & Bamboo Wood Charging Stand

luvvitt wood charging stand for apple watch

A nice wooden finished dock combined with a sleek and minimalist design is a perfect soulmate for any Apple iWatch. Fitting for any type of environment, this docking station would look natural in any open space. Some highlights include a comfortable viewing angle and special cutouts for the charging cable. Comparatively speaking, this wooden charging station for the Apple Watch is definitely recommended based on the price and value.

Get the LUVVITT Arc iWatch Wood Charging Station on sale for $14.99 (50% off).
Get the LUVVITT Bamboo Wood Charging Stand on sale for $14.99 (50% off).

LUVVITT Metal Charging Stations:

luvvitt metal charging stands for apple iwatch

A slender and interesting curvaceous design that would fit in with any aluminum Apple product. There’s also the Aluminum Dual Stand that comfortably docks your Apple iWatch and Apple iPhone smart devices on a non-scratch padded TPU surface. Designed to allow both devices conveniently faces the same direction for simultaneous use. Expect the standard lifetime warranty and full compatibility with all iWatch models and sizes.

Get these Luvvitt Aluminum Charging Stations On Sale for $14.99 (50% off).

LUVVITT Polycarbonate Dual Charging Station:

luvvitt polycarbonate iwatch charging stand

The third type of charging station for the Apple iWatch is Luvvitt’s premium polycarbonate Dual Stand. A light an portable alternative to the metal and wooden stations with pretty much the same functionalities and premium features as you would expect. Let your Apple Watch rest in peace atop this pedestal stand beside your Apple iPhone.

Get the Luvvitt Polycarbonate Dual Charging Stand on sale for $14.99 (50% off)


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