LUVVITT Cases “Clarity” & “Steel”: New smart watch cases for Apple’s iWatch

LUVVITT Cases “Clarity” & “Steel”: New smart watch cases for Apple’s iWatch

Making waves in the Applesphere is the LUVVITT “Clarity Case” for the Apple’s 1st generation smart watch. These Luvvitt cases sports a fancy crystal clear case similar to Spigen’s ultra thin “Liquid Crystal”  smart watch case of Apple. Keep your mind at ease knowing that this full body enclosure with a glove-like fit will help endure the constant battle against scratches and scuff marks that are inevitable without a protective case. Expect an easy slide on installation that won’t interfere with any  buttons, sensors, or features. Luvvitt’s Clarity Case closely mimics the Apple watch design and ensures a longer life and cleaner look for your smart watch device.

LUVVITT “Clarity” Case

LUVVITT Clarity Case Accessory for Apple Watch

  • Scratch-resistant coated case
  • Premium flexible rubber
  • Full body protection
  • Compatible for: 38mm and 42mm
  • Color: Crystal clear
     Bundled with a premium highest grade soft, crystal clear Japanese TPU protector case, tempered glass screen protector + regular screen protector, and a very affordable price tag, you’ll definitely get your moneys worth. Although currently unavailable at the time of writing this article, don’t make the mistake of overlooking this special iWatch case from a leading brand.


Order the Luvvitt “Clarity” Clear Case on Amazon for a low price of just $9.99!
Check out a review for the Luvvitt Clarity case for Apple Watch below!


LUVVITT “Steel” Case

Luvvitt Steel Case Apple Watch 38mm and 42mm

     Here we have the “Luvvitt’s Steel Case” for the Apple Watch which is unlike any of the other cases accessories we previewed earlier. The main notable difference is how the case gets installed on the watch, simply by snapping it onto the face of the iWatch. Luvvitt’s snap-on case resembles a tiny shield that attaches directly on top of the device. This apple watch case’s notable features includes:
  • Stainless steel front frame cover
  • Tempered glass screen protection
  • Designed to “fit like a glove and mimic the Apple Watch design”
  • Highest grade premium materials
  • Compatible with the 42mm Apple Watch
  • Adds ~1mm thickness
  • Color: Stain-less Steel
  • Price: $19.99

Similar to other iWatch cases, this case promises to preventing scratches and shock damage from bumps and impact. This Luvvitt Case provides a subtle yet effective high quality front screen protector for Apple’s iWatch. Take a look at the pictures below to see how seamless the case is while installed on your Apple device.
Unfortunately the case is currently unavailable for purchase but make sure to add it to your Amazon iWatch case wish list to stay informed!


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