Speck Candyshell Fit case delivers the “The Big 4” for Apple Watch

Speck Candyshell Fit case delivers the “The Big 4” for Apple Watch

Speck, an insanely popular third party case protection brand for Apple’s iPhone and iPad has crash landed to join the party, or 3rd party if you will, to present their latest addition to their successful line of case protectors. They recently presented their new CandyFit cases for the Apple iWatch to the masses online and you can expect them to be available later this month, hopefully sooner than later since most people are starting to get their smart gadgets delivered now.

Speck’s latest new Apple Watch case protector!

Speck CandyShell Fit new Apple Watch cases - Protection for the Apple Watch 38mm and Apple Watch 42mm

CandyShell Fit for Apple Watch

The CandyFit case will be conveniently easy and snappy to remove or install. It  will provide a dual-layer protection consisting of a tough exterior shell and a soft shock-resistant interior lining. bumps and shocks wouldn’t stand a chance! If you have ever owned a Speck bumper case then you already know how durable these watch cases are going to be for the Apple Watch 42mm and the Apple Watch 38mm models.


Also note that this smart watch case has endured rigorous testing against excess moisture, extreme low and high temperature environments, pollutants and damaging chemicals such as lotions and sunscreens. Knowing this should help with your decision on whether or not you want to protect your expensive new Apple Watch. Also having a smart design for this new case accessory allows the digital crown to have some space to avoid damages, thanks to the case’s slightly raised bezel.


The Speck’s CandyFit Case protection for the Apple Watch is expected to have 4 color options: black, white, blue, and pink. As for the price, it will be pricier than most competitors with similar Apple Watch cases on the market, starting at $29.99. There will be cases offered for both the Apple Watch (non-Sport) 38mm and the Apple Watch Sport 42mm models, with no price differences expected.


Speck Candyshell FIT Apple Watch Cases
This Speck Candyshell FIT watch should definitely appeal to Apple Watch owners that are likely to find themselves engaging in moderate to intense physical outdoor or indoor activities such as hiking, mountain-biking, rock-climbing, CrossFit, soccer, basketball, you name it!


The Good:
  • Complete all-around digital crown protection
  • 4 flavorful color options
  • Rugged and durable protection
  • Weather-resistant

The Bad:

The bad about the CandyShell FIT watch case protector is the extra bulk and weight it adds. Another thing you might consider is that it would pretty much conceal the sleek finished design and overall appearance of the glorified Apple Watch case. So yeah just keep that in mind before pulling the trigger on these candy colored Apple Watch cases.

candyshell-fit-apple-watch-case fitted on apple watch sport 38mm and watch sport 42mm

So if you’re looking to buy an Apple Watch case protector then be sure to head over to Speck’s site and sign up for their newsletter to stay updated on the availability!
Speck’s CandyShell FIT case for the Apple Watch is now available on Amazon. Click here for more info and reviews!


In the meantime, tease your tech sweet tooth with these vibrant CandyShell FIT cases for the Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and even the Apple Watch Edition in both watch sizes, 38mm and 42mm. Other head on back to our archive of the current competing Apple Watch Cases!

Here’s a review video for the case below:

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