Spigen Apple Watch Cases includes beautiful thin Snap-on Cases “Spigen Thin Fit” and “Spigen Liquid Crystal” (Reviewed)

Spigen Apple Watch Cases includes beautiful thin Snap-on Cases “Spigen Thin Fit” and “Spigen Liquid Crystal” (Reviewed)

Spigen Apple Watch cases are making quite a buzz on the internet. When it comes to cases for phones, tablets, laptops, and now smart watches, Spigen continues to bring the heat for the Apple Watch! They’re a highly reputable brand that has been around for quite some time now so you can expect some quality solid products at an affordable price.

Spigen “Thin Fit” or “Exact Fit”

Spigen "Thin Fit" or "Exact Fit" Snap On Case for Apple iWatch
     The Spigen Thin Fit or Spigen Exact Fit is another neat Apple Watch Spigen case that complements the watch’s frame quite nicely. It offers a precision and thin chiseled design that just snaps right onto the face of an Apple smart watch.

Don’t let the Spigen Apple WatchThin Fit model name fool you into thinking the case won’t be able to protect your Apple iWatch because it’s made from a premium high quality polycarbonate material that will surely protect your smart watch from physical harm. The frame was designed to sit securely and conform to the contours of your watch making it appear as if there wasn’t a case on it. Some other notable highlights for this Spigen Thin Fit Apple Watch case are:
Spigen Thin Fit Apple Watch Case - Simple Snap-on case for Apple Watch
  • Very minimalist and lightweight
  • Premium quality tough material
  • Smart design doesn’t affect any features/functionalities.
  • Front screen and side edge protection.
  • Color-shifting features
  • Available in 4 matte finished colors: Smooth White, Smooth Black, Satin Silver, Champagne Gold.
  • Available for 32mm and 42mm Apple Watch models
  • Very affordable price of $14.99 on Amazon.
     This Spigen Thin Fit case for Apple’s Watch is very similar to their Spigen Liquid Crystal case we cover below, as both features a quick and easy snap on design and are made from premium PC material. There’s no question that this model is going to do extremely well as it’s already has 5 star ratings on Amazon right now and costs $14.99. It’s definitely one of our favorites from the Spigen Apple Watch case line.


Spigen “Liquid Crystal” Ultra-Thin

  Next up is another sweet and beautiful Apple Watch Case from none other than Spigen. This Spigen Liquid Crystal iWatch case is one of their more mainstream cases they offer from their collection and it’s unique in that it’s made of solid transparency! Call it the “Spigen Ultra Thin Liquid Crystal” as it is definitely the thinnest and lightest case currently on the market for Apple’s iWatch thus far. This case also features:
Spigen Thin Fit Liquid Crystal Apple Watch Case  - Ultra Thin
  • A thickness or rather thinness of 0.8mm thick/thin.
  • Designed to fit both iWatch sizes 38mm and 42mm.
  • Made from clear and flexible lightweight TPU material.
  • Features cut-outs for the sleek digital crown and Watch sensors.
  • Easily removable
  • Available in only 1 color way, “Liquid Crystal”
  • Model: SGP11484
Spigen’s Liquid Crystal Apple Watch Case for Apple’s iWatch is a unique and a perfect option for those that seek a discreet appearance yet still want solid protection for your iWatch.
If you’re looking for more of a “heavy duty” protection rather than a minimal “slim” moderate protection then check out their other models, the “Armor Series” line of Spigen Apple Watch case accessories.


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