Stunning Third Party Apple Watch Bands from Case-Mate Deserves a Round of Applause!

Stunning Third Party Apple Watch Bands from Case-Mate Deserves a Round of Applause!

Months have passed since the Apple Watch was born and unveiled to the world. Plenty of third party Apple Watch band designs and creations have already flooded the market to acquire the title of best Apple Watch bands. Among the top heavy hitting and industry-leading case companies that has continued to display their dominance is none other than Case-Mate. They have a unique taste and trendy appeal that generates an unavoidable buzz throughout the case protection world; especially when it comes to Apple products. Whether you’re looking for a classy minimalist style or a flashy eye-catching style, Case-Mate has got you covered and we at do too!

Apple Watch Bands for Her? For Him? For Unisex?

Yes there are iWatch bands designed solely for women but that doesn’t mean guys can’t rock them. Most of which will surely complement the latest trends in top-tier designer fashion brands, jewelry and fancy shoes. There’s the Silver Brilliance Band, the Champagne Sheer Glam, and the shocking pink Turnlock band.

case-mate women's collection for apple watch band



Sheer Glam iWatch Band (Champagne) – $35

Infused with champagne-sparkling shimmering glitter and a sweet semi-transparent finish. It’s made from a special elastic material that allows excellent flexibility that enables it to still be worn during light physical activities such as spinning class. It’s hard to bypass this offering from Case-Mate and is probably one of favorite overall option. Get this premium Apple Watch band for an affordable $35 here. Note: This one is only available for 38mm Apple Watch.

Brilliance iWatch Band (Silver/Black) – $80

In need of more glitz and glam? Then the Brilliance band is certainly the ideal fit for that requirement. Definitely an attention seeking band for your Apple smart watch accessory as it features a genuine crystal set that spans the entire surface of the leather band. If that’s not enough of a shimmering statement then the metallic edge and inner painted leather will sure to captivate wandering eyes. If it wasn’t for the hefty premium price point for this stunning band, this option would be the overall favorite. This brilliant Apple Watch band will cost you $80 for either the 38mm or 42mm version. Get the Brilliance iWatch band here and also get free shipping.

Turnlock iWatch Band (Shocking Pink/Black) Coming Soon

This attractive bangle-inspired bright pink band was clearly created to stand out among the crowd. One of the first of new band styles on the market, this new Apple Watch band will undoubtedly make people look twice. It also comes in black in case some daring confident guys can pull it off. Unfortunately it’s not available yet but be sure to get notified when it becomes available my signing up for Case-Mate’s mailing list.


case-mate men's collection for apple watch band


Fellas don’t worry, Case-Mate didn’t forget about their male audience! There’s actually a decent size pool of Apple Watch bands for the guys to select from. Many of which are quite sophisticated and have a clean and modern appeal.

Brilliance iWatch Band (Black) – $80
This band is essentially the same Brilliance band that we described above in Silver for the Women collection. The only difference is that it’s in black which should make it easier for guys to sport. Yes it’s still sparkly but guys can be flashy and icy too, if you will. Get it here for $80 + free shipping.

Signature Leather Band (Black/Tobacco) – $50

Timeless is the best word to describe this signature leather band for the Apple Watch. Likely to be their most simple and iconic offering as it’s handcrafted from their Signature genuine leather. This a definitely one of our overall favorite third party Apple Watch leather band on the market considering everything from price to aesthetics. Grab this quintessential Apple Watch band for $50 in either Black or Tobacco color variations and only for the 42mm Apple Watch model. Get it here and get free shipping!

Vented Band (Black/White)  – $35

Sporty and sleek is easily alluded from this high performance and strategically vented elastomer band for the Apple Watch. Easily suitable for all types of daily activities from simply casual to long and rigorous workouts and adventures. The band is equipped with a signature logo-engraved clasp will soon be available for purchase on their website. Too bad it looks like this strap will only be offered for the 42mm Apple Watch.


BUT WAIT, there’s more unique bands!

Additionally, there are some more Unique and even Unisex Apple Watch bands that are part of Case-Mate’s expansive band collection. It’s always great to see new product releases from Case-Mate. Rarely do they ever disappoint and not bring forth fantastically unique and creative designs to the market. Another thoughtful thing from Case-Mate is that their products are available for affordable to premium prices. Check out the unisex Apple Watch bands and Case-Mate’s complete collection below or by clicking on the picture.

case-mate unique collection for apple watch band

Here’s a list of additional unique Apple Watch bands from Case-Mate:

Edged Leather Band (Brown & Blue) – $50
Edged Leather Band (Ivory & Shocking Pink) – $50
Double Studded Wrap Band (Black) – $100
Snakeskin Band (Black/Silver) – $80
Debossed Chevron Band (Black) – $80
Scaled Leather Band (Ebony) – $60 – Coming Soon

One last thing to consider!

case-mate naked tough bumper for apple watchCase-Mate has a clear Naked Tough Bumper to provide extra protection against accidental bumps and dings that are just waiting to happen. It’s made from a lightweight yet durable and flexible TPU bumper for the 38mm Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition models. A key feature is that you can still easily swap out your third party bands without removing the bumper! Better safe than sorry. Get Case-Mate’s “Naked Tough Bumper” here for $15.




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