Easily the Top 14 Apps on the Apple Watch Right Now: Must Try FREE Apps for iWatch

Easily the Top 14 Apps on the Apple Watch Right Now: Must Try FREE Apps for iWatch

There is no stopping the flood of premium paid and free apps on the Apple Watch wave. Only a couple months old, the new Apple Watch already has a solid collection of about 6000 applications available for it (at the time of writing this) on the Apple iTunes Store. Having an abundance of apps is definitely a huge driving force behind Apple’s success with their iOS devices like iPhones, iPads, iPods, and now Apple Watch. Just like the iPhone and iPad, the Apple Watch app train is gaining massive momentum. There are so many self-proclaimed best apps on the Apple Watch that it’s impossible to touch base on each and every app for Apple Watch so we’ll just list our favorites and what we recommend.

Popular Must Have Apple Watch Apps

Discover some of the most popular and best Apple Watch Apps that are available to the masses. So many apps is easily an understatement nowadays with developers and even your slightly above average Joe taking on app development as a side project or hobby.

Take a glance below and try out some if not all the applications below! Experience how utilizing these hand-picked apps can be a game-changer for your daily tasks.

Evernote (FREE)

evernote app for apple watch

Conveniently add new notes via voice dictation and view pre-existing notes. Excellent for To-Do lists or any type of list in general, especially for grocery lists for instance.

Instagram (FREE)

Instagram app for Apple Watch

This social media monster Instagram app for Apple Watch allows for a seamless and quick scrolls through feeds. Also get notifications of alerts, view profiles, like photos/videos, and skim through comments.

Starbucks (FREE)

starbucks app for apple watch

Absolutely necessary for Caffeine lovers and regulars at Starbucks. Easily pay for your coffee/drinks by waiving your wrist over supported terminals. Also able to conveniently and quickly check your available rewards.

Workflow ($2.99)

apple watch app workflow

Stupendous automation tool that syncs with your iPhone Workflow app that enables a smooth custom workflow creation and completion.

Uber (FREE)

apple watch app uber

Uber is definitely one of the more practical apps for the Apple Watch. It's simple interface and function makes requesting a nearby Uber car as easy as tapping on your screen. Make sure to set your default car (UberX, UberBlack, etc) settings as it will automatically request for that car type.

Yelp (FREE)


Yelp for Apple Watch makes it even easier to search for a nearby businesses and establishments. The menus are neatly compact and include the clear and concise details & information such as price ranges, ratings, and reviews.

New York Times (FREE)

apple watch new york times app

The New York Times app for iWatch is a clean and simple news platform that displays eye catching headlines and summarized key bullet points to stay updated.

Twitterific (FREE)

twitterific app for apple watch

Voted as the best Twitter app for Apple Watch at the moment. Gain access to your entire twitter feed and easily tweet via dictation. Make sure to enable notifications for DMs, replies, favorites, retweets, and new followers.

Overcast (FREE; $4.99 for Premium)

apple watch overcast app

Overcast is a must have for podcast listeners. Pretty crazy how there's no native podcast app for the Apple Watch 1st generation. Easily scroll through downloaded podcast episodes and fast forward, rewind and even share with friends.

Dark Sky ($4)

Dark-Sky-Apple-Watch app

Dark Sky is a beautifully redesigned version of it's iPhone counterpart that functions to pretty much instantly notify iWatchers of incoming rain, snow, and weather updates with clear & concise information.

7 Minute Workout Challenge ($2.99)

7minute workout apple watch app

An international hit on the iPhone, this "7 minute workout" makes working out extremely easy thanks to precision timers and routine guides right on your wrist. You'll be able to monitor your heart rate & reps as well as see which exercise is next. It's like having a personal coach on your wrist.

Pandora (FREE)


Pandora Radio app for Apple Watch allows the same basic functions as the original app. Quickly view your stations, see what's playing and even change to your favorite music stations or channels on the go. Undoubtedly a must have for music lovers!

Tinder (FREE)

Tinder app for Apple watch

Tinder the notorious social hook up app for Apple Watch offers a neat feature for smart watch users. A new heart rate technology is implemented that automatically detects viable prospects based on how much your heart-rate increases while viewing profile photos. An increase in heart-rate deems the prospect as a match otherwise it dismisses the photo if your heart rate drops. Definitely worth a try!

Shazam (FREE)

shazam for apple watch app

Shazam for Apple Watch is a perfect companion for on-the-go song detection. Thanks to the Apple Watch's built-in microphone it makes it a breeze to activate Shazam and simply tap to detect the song that's playing. Upon detection the app will retrieve the song info and conveniently display and scroll through the lyrics to follow along with! Definitely a handy app for the Apple Watch




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