Want to Waterproof the Apple Watch? Catalyst offers a Waterproofing Case

Want to Waterproof the Apple Watch? Catalyst offers a Waterproofing Case

Looking for a waterproof case for Apple Watch? Well A warm welcome is in order for another reputable third party accessories for electronics branded as Catalyst. They have created a noteworthy heavy-duty waterproof case for the new Apple Watch. Sure the Apple Watch may be somewhat water resistant but with this added protection case for your smartwatch you may now rest easy and enjoy using it anywhere now. It’s equipped with a 24mm quick release NATO technology nylon wrist strap and ensures optimal protection against water or liquid damages that you’ll surely encounter.

Highlight Features Include:

  • Protection rating of IP-68.
  • Catalyst’s signature rotating crown color popping dial.
  • 24mm quick release NATO nylon wrist band.
  • Ultra slim profile.
  • Exposed face for easy screen access.
  • Weather-resistant, especially against water
  • Color options: Stealth Black, Rescue Ranger, Green Pop
  • Compatible with: 42mm Apple Watch

Catalyst Waterproof Watch Cases and Straps for Apple Watch


Most importantly, Catalyst has stated that every unit has been rated as IP-68 waterproof. Let us explain what the rating indicates. The IP code is basically the “International Protection Rating” also known as Ingress Protection Rating. The first digit (6) is the max level protection for solids, while the second digit (8) is the max level protection for liquids. Peep the IP rating charts below to gain a better understanding. In essence, IP68 will ensure protection from total dust ingress along with protection from term immersion up to a specified pressure. So if you’re looking for a complete and waterproof solution for your precious Apple Watch, consider one of the first waterproof cases currently available.

Pre-order Catalyst’s Waterproof Case for Apple Watch Here 

Note: This third party water proof case Ships in November.

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IP rating for SolidsIP rating for Liquids

Source: http://www.dsmt.com/resources/ip-rating-chart





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